I No Longer Have Love Handles

I used to be 60 pounds overweight. I worked hard in the last year to lose the weight I had been carrying for way too long. I was successful for the most part, but I was having trouble getting rid of my so-called love handles. I looked up ways to lose them, and I tried every suggested exercise. Nothing worked! Then, I came across an article that suggested I make an appointment with an aesthetic doctor in Singapore. I normally would have skipped past something like this, but there were pictures of the person who had posted it.

The before pictures could have been me! We are about the same size and shape, and the love handles were definitely the same. The after picture is what I wanted to look like. I know that there are people who photoshop pictures to make them look better, but this was definitely the real deal. I made an appointment at the same clinic, and I was very happy with everything that I found out there. I had no idea how they were going to achieve this without any type of surgery, so I was hesitant, excited and curious all at the same time.

Everything was explained to me in detail. I had a lot of questions, and the person I talked with took her time. I was so glad that she was not impatient with me as some people tend to be when presented with a ton of questions. This is my body though, and I needed to feel comfortable with what was going to happen. After about ten minutes, I knew that I wanted to use this process to get rid of the flab that was too stubborn to leave any other way. I am so glad that I did this, because I look pretty amazing now, if I do say so myself!